Potential aims of our coaching

  • Find peace of mind and serenity
  • Develop a vision and realise it
  • Achieve fulfilment in private and professional life
  • Success in business
  • Spiritual awakening
  • More self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Healthy mind and body
  • Deliberate, successful management

The 8-stage Lohrer 4G method:

The universal laws of serenity, health and success
Analyse the current situation
Explore potential and meaning in life
Transform subconscious negative beliefs
Strengthen energy system and release blockages
Train self-discipline, relaxation and mindfulness
Activate the non-judgemental, conscious inner observer
Develop serenity in all situations
Awake to your own true nature

The Lohrer 4G method can make lasting, positive changes to your life in a few sessions by means of rapid transformation processes. 4G stands for serenity, health, money and happiness, but only in German! This transformation leads to increasing clarity, awareness and knowledge of your own true nature.
Illusions can fall away and are replaced by an inner peace and satisfaction that is independent of any external situation or other people.
Subconscious reactions, beliefs, fears and dependencies can be made accessible to your conscious mind and resolved. Greater serenity in life means the immune system works much better and your health will feel the benefits. And if you want to, the right inner attitude also lets you achieve greater success at work.

Depending on the case and your preferred lines of enquiry we will also work with elements of meditation, relaxation techniques, Buddhist psychotherapy, energy healing, NLP, various spiritual philosophies, work with the inner child and disengagement from belief systems. Recommendations for workshops, books and other appropriate alternative healing methods then provide optimal support for your day-to-day life.

The results are generally greater calm and peace of mind, often at a different level also self-confidence, success, health and personal growth, which in turn have positive effects on your private and professional life.