Potential coaching topics

  • Succession – What is the best solution for the family and the company?
  • Success – How do I make myself and my company more successful?
  • Values – What attitude do I want to have to life, and what values do I want to live by?
  • Work-life balance – How do I find the right combination of private and professional for me?
  • Peace of mind – How can I learn to deal calmly with all external sources of stress?
  • Goals and visions – How can I use appropriate goals to manage my company?
  • Leadership authority – How do I position myself with regards to my employees?
  • Communication – How do I set limits and give clear instructions without demotivating my employees?
  • Problems – How can I reduce internal and external tension or even resolve it altogether?
  • Self-assessment – What are the strengths I want to rely on in future?
  • Health – How can I maintain or improve my health?>

As a speaker and trainer I have covered these important topics many times in the past.

With my foundation I also fund a Burnout Camp every year in the Black Forest, which demonstrably has very high success rates.

For business people and managers in particular, coaching provides support on how to achieve great success and still act consciously, serenely and with a social conscience.

My experience over many years as a successful entrepreneur, founder and business consultant gives me valuable insights into the problems of today’s entrepreneurs and managers, faced with ever greater demands, increasing stress and numerous employee issues. Permanent availability makes it more and more difficult to separate work from private life.

Thanks in particular to my extensive M&A background I also advise entrepreneurs on succession planning. In this situation it is vital to consider very carefully whether internal or external succession is the better choice. The relationship between the company boss and successors from the family is very sensitive and must be given the utmost priority.

I am happy to pass on to other entrepreneurs and managers the knowledge that I have gained from my own experience, both positive and negative, and the large number of business coaching sessions and seminars that I have given.

Steffen Lohrer - Coaching für Manager