Over the past 30 years Steffen Lohrer has been involved in many large congresses and events as a speaker and seminar leader. He moves and delights the many participants with his profound, caring presence and simple, understandable way of conveying complex knowledge.
Regular evening meetings take place in the Rhein-Neckar region. Dates are announced in the weekly newsletter and listed in the “Upcoming events” section of the website.
Topics for lectures and workshops can be provided to event organisers on request.
Mögliche Vorträge und Workshops für Veranstalter gerne auf Anfrage.

Lohrer Coaching

Examples of lectures and workshops::

  • Greater serenity in life and work
  • The universal laws of happiness and success
  • Living in the present
  • Ways to happiness
  • Transforming negative beliefs
  • How our childhood influences our whole life
  • Avoiding and curing burnout
  • Burnout camps
  • The right way to deal with stress
  • Conflict management
  • Goals and visions
  • Universal laws of health and healing
  • The causes of illnesses
  • Activating self-healing forces etc.
Steffen Lohrer Coaching beim Vortrag