Therapist for Buddhist psychotherapy

Yoga teacher (BYV)

Learning Love

Mediality and Intuition (G. Smith, S. Geiger)

Several qualifications in energy medicine

IVH recommended therapist on the basis of many successful cases with chronic illnesses

Business experience

Following his degree in industrial engineering, Steffen Lohrer was a businessman and M&A consultant for many years. His company, Steinbeis Consulting Mergers & Acquisitions GmbH advises on company acquisitions, fundraising and succession processes.

As a business angel he founded and funded several start-ups, holding seats on numerous supervisory, management, advisory and trustee boards over the years.

His passion is always to blend business management, spirituality and science. In 2012 he founded the Steffen Lohrer Foundation for this purpose (own website). The foundation promotes holistic and alternative medicine and above all supports the personal, inner growth and positive development of consciousness of all people. He teaches people how to integrate the principles of life energy into their everyday lives, how to achieve greater peace of mind and serenity by means of a higher consciousness, and at another level, to become happier and more successful too and to activate their self-healing forces.

Über Steffen Lohrer

Steffen Lohrer works as a “coach for peace of mind, success and health” and is recommended by the International Agency for Outstanding Healers.

In addition to many personal development seminars on subjects such as meditation, mystery schools, childhood and relationship work, tantra and family constellations, his intensive search for the deeper truth of life took him to teachers of wisdom and healing including Samarpan, Rupert Spira, Bentinho Massaro, Ramesh Balsekar, Axel Philippi, Osho and Roger Castillo.

Life’s illusions increasingly fell away, revealing that love and peace are always present, no matter what happens externally. A life without suffering. He would like to share this knowledge with other people.

My motivation

From a very early age I was always eager to acquire new knowledge and longed for greater wisdom and serenity. A serious financial crisis, together with a subconscious belief that I had to be perfect to gain recognition, caused me to suffer from existential angst and great fear of failure. For years I travelled around the world from one training course to the next and found out that neither my school education nor my industrial engineering degree had equipped me with the foundations for achieving success, serenity and happiness. Above all it was the link between deeper, universal principles and the real world of business that was essential for me.

Freedom and success were the result. Life’s illusions gradually fell away and my true nature was revealed to me. Love and peace are now always present, no matter what happens around me. A life without suffering. I would like to pass on and share this knowledge with others.

My motto has always been, “Make other people successful and happy and you can’t help but become successful and happy yourself”.

All my sessions take place in a spirit of sympathy, appreciation and love. There is an endless silent space for everything that appears. The choice of methods is based on a blend of eastern and western philosophies (Advaita Vedanta, Yoga, Zen, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, etc.). I do not belong to any religion, but I do incorporate what I consider to be their most important discoveries. Expectations and all preconceptions are left behind.

For me it is important to help other people progress along their life path, and their financial situation should not be an obstacle to that. It is also important that clients are actively involved between the individual sessions.