I have a scientific background as an engineer and in 2005 I travelled with a good friend, who had multiple tumours and metastases in his body, to visit a healer in the South American jungle. My friend was cured without any physical contact by the healer. I also experienced other “miracles” there. Afterwards I visited many healers around the world, actually to prove that these cures were just coincidence.

In the end, I was proven wrong and realized that I myself could stimulate the self-healing powers of other people through a strong increase in consciousness. Intensive training on this followed.

More than 100 personal references and scientific studies on this work can be made available on request. I am on the list of recommended healers from the IAOH International Agency for Outstanding Healers, which has very high standards.


The life force (prana, chi, ether, orgone, etc.) finds its expression in a person’s physical, spiritual and mental state. A blockage or excess of this life force causes our illnesses or psychological disorders.

The goal is to bring the life energy back into the right flow and to release blockages. The result of raising awareness is the renewed flow of life energy and can bring back mental and physical health, joy and serenity. Acupuncture, for example, which is now scientifically recognized, works with its needles precisely with this life energy.

There is nothing magical or esoteric about energetic work. As the well-known German physicist Prof. Popp was able to prove as early as 1998, all living organisms communicate via the emission of light (biophotons), whose main task is to transmit information.

In the Institute for Biophysics in Neuss it was proved that some people can amplify the biophoton radiation voluntarily far above normal value, which could explain what happens during this work. This was also very positively examined there with me.

Through my high consciousness, the self-healing powers of other people near me are activated and built up. This often solves everyday problems, diseases and psychological blockages and various negative views change.