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Here are the different ways you can work with me:

Business Coaching covers all topics around job, leadership, motivation, communication, success, goals/visions, business succession, work-life-balance, stress reduction etc.

Personal coaching in Heidelberg or Mallorca for psychological issues have a lead time of about 3-4 months, but some topics we could possibly clarify in advance. Often I then already have quick reading material, techniques, videos, seminars or books as a recommendation. Afterwards, we can be optionally via WhatsApp/Telegram regularly for 4 weeks in contact and I accompany with different techniques in growth, inner peace, happiness or health.

Digital coaching is very efficient for psychological issues. The lead time is currently about 6-10 weeks. After an initial (video) phone call, I then optionally offer that we are in regular contact via WhatsApp/Telegram for 4 weeks and I accompany with various techniques in growth, inner peace, happiness or health.

Self-healing by raising awareness of physical or psychological issues are always possible with a lead time of about 1 week. Here, many miracles could already happen on a physical and psychological level. I conduct well over 1,000 sessions per year. No personal meeting is necessary and there are 1 to 4 sessions of 10 minutes each. Everything is on a voluntary donation basis for a good cause.

Regular healing meditation Wednesdays and Sundays at 7:45 to 8:00 p.m.

Von den Honoraren gehen 25% des Betrages an einen guten Zweck. Bei Studenten, Schülern, Hartz4 Empfängern oder bei einem finanziellen Engpass legen wir gemeinsam einen fairen Preis fest. Am Geld soll es nicht scheitern. Wichtiger ist mir, dass ich viele Menschen weiterbringen kann.

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